Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Barbs' Sunday Adventure

Another One Bites the Dust

On Sunday morning my phone rang. Kathi asked me if I wanted to go horseback riding. My reply, "YOU BET!"  She said, "Be at our house at 11 am, we're going to Matsell Bridge".  (Please note: I've been three other times).

Then I called Terry (who was busy being a great provider and working), and asked if he cared if I went riding, to which he replied "Heck no, why would I care?".  I left Matt (still home on break) a note explaining where I went and that he needed to 1. empty the dishwasher and 2. fold the bath towels and put them away.

When we got to Matsell Bridge park, we met up with seven of their friends. As Joel and Kathi got the horses out of the trailer, I did what I could to help, but sometimes it's best if I just stay out of the way. LOL 

I never used to think I was short, but I either need a stool to get up on the horse, or somebody has to give me a boost. (Must be the lack of upper body strength). The sad thing is I was on Prince, who is a bit shorter than either of the other horses... Go figure.  I must say being outside in the early part of January with just a few layers on a bright sunny day is sometimes just what you need after being cooped up in a office cubicle all week.

Over the river and through the wood, to all kinds of clearings we went. The horse knew the way to carry me that day, through the brush and fallen trees. (yes..you know the tune, and yes I'm taking liberties with the words). 
Over the river and through the wood, wow! all kinds of trails we found. The horse knew the way to stay with the pack, except when the log was too tall to cross. 

Yes, this is where the bright sunny day takes on an ominous hue....apparently Prince did not want to cross over the log and wouldn't take or didn't like the gentle nudging to move forward. Now, if you've never ridden before let me give the first most important lesson of the day. DO NOT pull back on the reins very hard or very many times. Whys that? Well, a gentle tug back will tell the horse to back up.  A hard pull on the reigns is a bit like being choked from behind and they just don't like it.
As I, the inexperience rider started to panic, Joel began to yell, "DON'T PULL BACK", but it was too late. 

Yep. I pulled back on the reigns...and apparently that's horse talk for put your front legs as high in the air as you can and then the person choking you will fall off your back and that will be it. 

Apparently I landed between a couple trees, leg on one, head on the other. Joel's sister (who thankfully is a nurse), ran over and said "Don't move"....then gently started making sure nothing was broken, told me to open my eyes, and follow her finger...and wow was the sun bright. First thing I said...."I don't suppose any of you got that on film did you". Which must have meant my brain wasn't too rattled cuz I didn't lose my sense of humor.

So I gently got up, sat on a log, got some water and ibuprofen (gee...does this happen a lot?) All while the guys were trying to make Prince (who really didn't want to step over the log) finally step over the log. 

After about 20 minutes, they brought him over to a little rise and I got back on.  As we started back on the trail I said, "Wow, now I know what it really means to "get back up on the horse".  


Friday, January 6, 2012

Tales from the Tank #22

UmmUmm Good!
 (click video while you read)

When we started becoming aquarium hobbyists....little did we know that eventually we would be opening a fast food restaurant. Really? you ask. Why of course - but we didn't realize it until a few weeks ago.

Did you know that sharks and catfish are Ominvores?
Although the term omnivore literally means "eater of everything," omnivores really cannot eat everything that other animals eat; they can eat only things that are moderately easy to acquire while being moderately nutritious. For example, most omnivores cannot live by grazing (not nutritious enough), nor are they able to eat some hard-shelled animals or successfully hunt large or fast prey (difficult to acquire).1

As you know a month or so ago, we moved our community fish to a 55 gallon tank (that's when we lost the clown loaches).  Then we bought a couple new fish for the tank, Golden Gouramis, and some extra red Surapine Tetras (cuz they like to school).  

Low and behold....one by one our fish began disappearing.  Yup. Gone. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No bones, no floating carcass....not so much as a spec of tail fin.  So that's when we decided it must be the sharks - or maybe the catfish we NEVER see (he feeds at night).  Sharks ALWAYS get a bad rap. Doesn't matter that there are at least three or four fish in the tank that are about 4-5 inches...the catfish has a pretty big belly. 

So we are down at least seven fish...so I see a shopping trip in my very near future.....I was thinking some of the $0.13 cent goldfish to distract the big guys when I put in the other kind of fish.  One can only hope right?

1. wikipedia.org/wiki/Omnivore