Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales From the Tank #7

New Fish
Finally, after waiting a several weeks and getting rid of the "ICK" in our tank, We have been building our "fish family".  We added two dwarf male gouramis and a bushy nose pleco that we named Spot (he tends to blend in with the rocks). They have been swimming happily in our tank for a while now.  So last week we sort of went a bit overboard and added a few more. Seven to be exact. Oh yeah...and we found an 'albino' pleco we added to the gold fish tank in Matt's room (which he now insists is my tank - go figure).  We named this pleco "Hoover" because within 24 hours he had sucked up most of the algae in that tank (which was pretty nasty). 

I've decided that if we keep "smaller" fish - we can have a tank filled with different varieties of the same species or different species as long as they are of the same size and temperament.  So we went shopping.

Our little fish family has expanded to contain two swordtails (mail and female), three fancy tailed 24 karat mollies, and two bala sharks.  Terry thinks the sharks are cool. As long as they don't eat the other fish I'm ok with them.

Things must be too quiet.
So, since the tank seems to be settled and adding fish is not causing problems....we revisited the piece of driftwood we got with the tank originally.  I don't remember if I posted about it or not. But basically it's a large piece of wood with lots of character and after attaching 10 pounds of granite....still wouldn't sink.

So thinking that it just needed to be "water logged"....we filled the 10 gallon tank we had downstairs and put it inside and proceeded to let it soak for a week.  (We had to put a 5 pound weight on it to keep it in the water).

Two nights ago we decided it was "do or die" and we were going to put it in the "big tank".  So we added even more granite and I proceeded to take out some of the plants....and told Terry "if this kills any of the're next buddy".  So he proceeds to carefully put our "water logged" log into the tank and low and behold.....IT FLOATS!

We gave up.  He said he was taking the #$*@ thing out to the garage and throwing it in the trash.  I said ok and proceeded to put the plants back in the tank.  Next thing I know he's back in the house with the log, and says "throwing this away isn't good enough"..."When it warms up we're gonna burn it in the fire ring.  If it doesn't sink, it better burn"...or something to that effect.

Our next task for the tank: (1) find some type of fake log that will definitely sink...and (2) more sharks.