Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tales from the Tank #21

These are the "Days of our Lives"...

October 2011:

  • Barb and Terry acquire another 55 gallon tank and start to collect cichlids.
  • They decide one tank of cichlids is not enough so they adopt out their silver dollars, matt's common goldfish and move all the "community fish" from the 40 gallon tank comprised of mollies, platys, sharks, gouramis, etc into the 55 gallon tank in the office. (Terry says so the sharks will get bigger).
November 2011: 
  • One of the clown loaches dies...not sure why. Suddenly the 55 gallon tank is infested with ick (remember ick from earlier posts?).  
  • One by One...all of the most coveted clown loaches die from stress. :-(
  • Stress? Seriously you say?  Well yes, if you were used to having three big brothers and all of a sudden they moved into a new place and your 30 cousins dropped into live with you - you'd go into shock as well and probably die from lack of privacy and the sheer commotion the little brats cause.
  • We say goodbye to all our clown fish and send them to that big pond in the sky (insert flush).
  • We create a second cichlid tank upstairs with the "babies" we are fostering from Kathi J. a mix of Obi and fish with eyes like goggles.
  • We buy more cichlids.  I keep thinking .... shouldn't we be concentrating on acquiring Christmas presents? Oh wait...that's right...we are acquiring Christmas gifts...ours!
December 2011:
  • Barb turns 50 on December 10th and some of her wonderful friends decide what a great thing it would be to put a giant plywood sign in her yard that says "HONK" Barb is 50. Starting at 5 am the day before her birthday.
  • I must admire the talent all my friends and family have for LYING!.  The only reason I found out who did it was because in the true definition of a NAG...Terry was really tired of me asking for the 800th time...Who did it?
  • One day...I said to Terry, "Boy, for some reason it looks like we are missing fish in the 55 gallon tank in the office".  So we sat down to inventory.
  • Platys? Nope. Swordtails? Nope - wait there's the big orange and black one. Whoa --where the two yellow Gouramis? Oh, whew, there's one.  Well where the @#$% is the other one - a two inch fish just can't disapper? 
  • Oh...did I forget to tell you the silver fin shark is growing?  Hum.....can you say live bait?
  • Oh Yeah...didn't Terry WANT the sharks to GET BIGGER?
  • So now we have about 18 fish as compared to 30. 

  • Barb gets a riding lesson on the scooter she gets for her birthday. Turning is not a pretty thing.
  • Terry brings home motorcyle permit study guides.  
  • Barb & Terry go to take the permit test on Dec 23.  We were pretty sure of ourselves - but we both flunked. Oh well...there's next year. LOL
That pretty much sums up the last two months.....My 2012 write more often and keep the humor alive.  Merry Christmas to my family and friends. I am blessed to have you in my life.