Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tales from the Tank #23

Princess and the Pea

It's been a while since I've actually written anything down - until now...

This past weekend Matt was home from Pella. He stays down there during the summer to work full-time, hang out with other guys on the team and weight lift.

On Sunday morning, he walked past the tank that has our Angel fish and yelled "Mom! Why is this fish floating on it's side?".

I rushed out of the office and over to the tank and reached in to touch the fish. It looked as though it was having trouble breathing and it's little tummy was really bloated - but he was still alive.  So I yelled for Terry and he came running upstairs.

 "I bet he has swim bladder disease since he can't do anything but float on his side. I said "I don't really want to flush him while he's still alive - that's like fish murder. What are we going to do, the extra tank is still filled with the baby cichlids" "Go get the baby net" he replied.

I ran (the house isn't that big so it's really a fast walk) into the other room, found the little net we use to separate the brand new babies (so they don't get eaten), and put the sick little Angel fish in it.  As I was doing this, Terry booted up the computer and started his research.  He said we need to put a pea into the net with him.  "A pea? Really?"

So I went to the freezer and low and behold...NO Peas!

Well, we were going to HyVee anyway for stuff to grill - so I would pick up some peas.  Off to the grocery store we went (Matt and I).  Came back with some steaks, and a sweet potato for Matt.  Let me digress here.....Matt works at the HyVee in Pella and is always calling me to say "have you tried a Pomegranate yet", or a Ugli fruit, or etc. You can imagine my surprise when he wanted to try a sweet potato.  If HyVee would employ kids when they are 2-3 years old - no kid would ever refuse to eat their fruits and vegetables! LOL.

When we got home, and I unloaded the bag of groceries, Terry said "Where are the peas?". CRAP.
I totally forgot to buy the peas.

I got home and Terry said we have to warm the peas in our hand so we can pop the pea guts out of the skin - so I did.

Monday morning he was still swimming on his side. Then Terry said one of the articles he read said they hand feed their Angel fish since he couldn't swim down to the peas.  So I reached in to hold the fish - not an easy job mind you - and feed smashed peas into a fish about the size of a silver dollar with a mouth the size of a pin head.  Really?  Yes. I did. Even worse, Terry got a toothpick and was trying to hold it's mouth open while I force fed peas to an Angel fish. OMG.

Tuesday morning...he was still swimming on his side.  So I just squished a couple more peas into his net.  I figured the fish has to be like the dog...or a kid. If it gets hungry enough, it will figure out how to eat on his own. 

Wednesday morning - he was swimming right side up. Go figure. The moral of this short story?

If you are feeling a little upside down and bloated - eat frozen pea guts.