Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tales from the Tank #29

There are reasons people who work in pet stores are "experts".

If you have been a regular reader, you know that in addition to our tropical fish, we have become caretakers of Matthew's gecko.

The other night I posted on Facebook "@ Matt Schrafel" if your silly lizard dies, it won't be because I haven't tried to feed it. 

A few seconds later my phone goes "Whoo Hoo - Somebody sent you a text message" (yep it really says that).  Matt was texting "Is he really gonna die???"

Well of course not - you know how Moms react when little ones don't eat...we panic. 

A facebook friend posted "have you tried crickets".  Well no, I was lead to believe that crickets were the potato chips of the gecko world...and full of fat...fat.. fat.

So tonight I went to the pet store. Low and behold there were two people at the lizard display and I started asking questions. (I'm good at questions).

Q1.  I have a gecko that hasn't eaten in four days. Response "Is he thin" "Does he look sickly".
 (to myself I say "don't all lizards look sickly?)

Q2. Someone recommended crickets.  Response "crickets or worms...he could be getting ready to shed his skin - when the do that they get a little lazy" (to myself I say - yeah and they have to make room in their tummy because apparently they eat their shedded skin - EWE). And people don't think the Internet is educational!

Q3. Do I really need to give him a "bedding" area under his rock? Response = It helps them shed their skin and keep them hydrated.

I also indicated that during my research,  (lizard blogs - go figure),  I read that if they drink and poop then they are "eating".  Well, I told the gals, he's been drinking - but there is no new I know he's not eating.

THEN I found out - they are not supposed to have "tap water"...too many chemicals, blah blah blah...he's been on tap water for 2 years. 

I walked out of the store with the gecko water conditioner, moss for his bedding, and 10 crickets. Then a stop at the grocery store for more "spring water". 

I warned him as I stripped the tank....ok Loki, you are getting an "extreme home makeover".

Everything comes out of the tank, I wash the green carpet, tear off some moss, wet it down (to create humidity), put the new "treated" spring water in the pot...and drop in the 10 unsuspecting crickets (and put the top on quickly).

OMG...I just gave Loki has a new nickname...Elmer Fudd.  "a huntin cricwets we will go". 
( I have video coverage...but due to technical issues...I can't get it to upload). Stay tuned.....

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