Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tales from the Tank #30


In the last couple days, we've lost two of the larger fish we have in two different tanks. Weird.

Tonight I came home and was getting started on the laundry when I decided to turn the light on the tank downstairs, turn on the Xmas music and plug in the tree.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear ? but a blue large cichlid floating nose down - stuck between the log house and the tank.  OH NO! not another dead fish?

I quickly sent Terry a text " Dead Fish - downstairs - large blue".

So I rushed upstairs to get a net - and then back down to fish it out of the tank.  I took it into the bathroom we have downstairs, and plopped it into the toilet.

OMG...he started splashing! He's still alive! I had to fish him out of the toilet!

Then I grabbed the first bowl I could find and ran some water in it and then plopped him into that. At first he started to swim upside down so then I put a little salt in the water and ran back upstairs to grab the green peas.

By the time Terry got home from his union meeting - he was gone.  I probably gave him heart failure dropping him from a warm 72 degree tank - into the icy white waters of the porcelain lake. Well, at least he got to go out with all his fins and eyeballs in tack. 

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